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our store is the best place to Order cannabis online UK. Psychoactive blueberry with an ominous-sounding name. This strain is an authentic South African landrace of the sativa species. It’s a strong and tenacious cultivar that thrives in a wide range of climates. It has a THC level of 20%-25%, which is quite high. However, for those looking for Blue berry weed strain, weed delivery UK, mail order weed UK, blue berry kush for sale

Blue berry weed strain

At the time of Dutch colonialism, cannabis has been grown on the African continent since at least the 14th century. The Khoikhoi and other southern South African Bantu peoples were also affected. Had long histories of growing and tolerating dagga among their population. Ed Rosenthal, an American breeder, began selecting breeding plants from a bag of South African in the late 1970s. Once back in the United States, Rosenthal shared some of the best of the seeds he had brought with him by trading or giving them away. Weed delivery UK

blue berry kush for sale

To increase resin production and hasten flowering, Mel Frank tinkered with the genetics. Because of Frank’s efforts, there are now “A” and “B” variations of the parent plant. Give the B line to Sam the Skunkman, an Amsterdam breeder who will further shorten the flowering time of the strain by using the B line. The city of Durban, a port in South Africa, is the birthplace of this 100% sativa strain. The pleasant aroma and stimulating, motivating effects have contributed to its widespread success. Durban Poison is the go-to strain for when you need a creative boost, need to get through a busy day, or want to stay productive. Mail order weed UK

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