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Buy cannabis UK, Super Silver Haze comes on fast and hard. Though this strain is joyful and uplifting overall. This mind-bender packs a sativa punch. Stimulating and euphoric, Super Silver Haze can inspire a room full of smiles and silly banter. However, this strain also has a serious side. This skunky flower can fight stress and fatigue with vigilance, providing excellent daytime relief for medical cannabis patients.Marijuana for sale online UK, online weed stores UK, buy silver haze strain, silver haze weed for sale

Super Silver Haze emerged with a bang in the 1990s. Bred by Green House Seeds, this strain has certainly made the top ten list for most popular sativas of contemporary times. Though Super Silver Haze is considered to be predominantly sativa, this strain is actually an intricate hybrid cross between Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk No. 1. online weed stores UK, buy silver haze strain, silver haze weed for sale

According to Green House, Super Silver Haze is about 70% sativa and 30% indica. This potent strain has tested at 19% THC. In general, Super Silver Haze is recommend for experienced cannabis consumers. Novice consumers may find this strain a little too stimulating. When consumed in high doses, Super Silver Haze can cause paranoia. where to buy weed in uk

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This strain’s aroma is a sweet yet powerful citrus mixed with a deep pungent earthiness. Has inherited a bit of a skunk quality from both its Haze and Skunk No. 1 background. Super Silver Haze has won over the hearts of Cannabis Cup judges a few times over, taking home awards in 1997, 1998, and 1998. silver haze for sale UK

this strain could be a flower with some spunk. This bud produces a very light and airy high that is perfect for the day. Cerebral, this strain promotes a dreamy thoughtfulness, focus, and creativity. Like many other sativa strains, Super Silver Haze is about as energizing as a cup of coffee.

The slight mix of Northern Lights and Skunk No. 1 perhaps increase the body-relaxing potential in this strain. However, this bud is uplifting and high-spirited overall. It’s easy to dive into introspection with though it’s just as easy to be out and about with family or friends. Weed for sale near me in UK
While Super Silver Haze is certainly energizing, pure sativas, like Thai, are even more so. By comparison, Super Silver Haze is still invigorating, but perhaps slightly less edgy. Thanks to the high THC, consumers can also count on some munchies from this strain. Those that struggle with morning appetite may find that this strain is the perfect addition to a breakfast routine.


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